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Are the Fun Toys in Your Garage Protected?

It’s hard to find a garage these days that doesn’t have some sort of off-road vehicle in it. We all enjoy riding ATVs, quads, dirt bikes, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc. and simply can’t wait to take these fun toys out for a spin. Many people get caught with how many RPMs the vehicle has and, understandably, forget to ask, “What kind of insurance do I need to protect myself?”

Basically, there are two things to consider when protecting your off-road vehicles; liability suits and physical damage.

Liability: If you are operating your off-road vehicle at your home address, there is a good chance your homeowners policy will cover you if you injure someone and are sued. But how easy is it to get bored riding just around your home? Most of us want to venture off the homestead and do some exploring…take that jet ski down to the river; ride that ATV or quad on a local trail; or let that snowmobile loose after a fresh snowfall. While you would never consider driving your car down the road without liability protection, for some reason many don’t think about this when they jump on and take off on their off-road vehicles.

Unfortunately, accidents happen more often than you think, and where are you insured if you turn a corner in the woods and run into a hiker out for a walk? For a relatively small amount of money, you can protect yourself from that potential lawsuit and even remove the “good chance” part of the homeowners coverage for that piece of mind to know you are protected – anytime, anywhere.

Physical Damage: ATVs, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, and other “toys” can carry some heavy price tags in the store. Have you considered what will happen if you run that quad into a tree? Hopefully you avoid damage to yourself and your vehicle, but do you want to risk paying out the money to replace or repair that new Polaris? Insurance policies are available to protect almost any asset, including all your fun off-road vehicle toys.

At McPherson & Newland Insurance we work with multiple companies that can insure you against unforeseen financial loss. Reach out to us at (908) 782-3710 and let’s talk about what’s in your garage.


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