• Bob Newland

Following Footsteps – Thank you Dad for making me a hunter

It’s an exciting time for me. During this slow period during the COVID pandemic I finally took the initiative to write the book I’ve always dreamed about writing. Following Footsteps chronicles my life in the outdoors. It begins with my childhood years when I was hunting and fishing with my father and grandfather and carries through to my adult life where I have travelled the world in pursuit of my passion. I also write about what I believe is the roll hunting plays in wildlife conservation and my involvement with Safari Club International to help perpetuate that roll. The book is an easy read that I feel will appeal to a lot of people. It is priced at $24 and I am accepting pre-orders. The book should be out early December, in time for Christmas. If you are interested drop me an email at Thank you. Bob Newland

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Corona Virus Response

During this difficult time, we are all forced to make tough decisions. Out of respect for my staff and our clients, I have decided to implement some social distancing precautions and close our office